These are a few of our favorite things…

We’ve had some pretty good luck finding great stuff that’s helped us along the way. We don’t like keeping a good thing to ourselves! Here are some of our favorites.

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Apparel & Gear

Alpinestars Stella Tech 3 MX Boot

Same boots, different color (my white/purple ones are no longer available). However when you want a MX boot designed for a woman’s foot these are amazing. Comfortable, supportive, durable.


100% Goggles are the essential riding goggles. Anti-fog, great seal and field of vision, durable yet comfortable.

Eat Sleep Braap Repeat Shirt

Sometimes you just want to look the part. Comfy and stylish.


When it comes to hiding helmet hair or keeping the sun out of your eyes while watching your favorite racers, this Troy Lee Designs KTM hat is were its at.

Motocross Pillow

A fun way to dress up a room.


The guys in our group love these things for general riding. While maybe no suited for aggressive competition, it serves a great purpose for the rest of us as everything stays in place, doesn’t dig (like other roost protectors), and protects more places than alternatives.

Alpinestars A5-S Youth Chest Protector

Designed to work in combination with the Alpinestars youth neck collar. Alpinestars is the front runner in comfortable reliable riding protective gear.

Alpinestars Youth Neck Collar

The Alpinestars Youth Neck Collar is an essential piece of protective equipment for riders. With it’s hard plastic design, it can be the difference between getting back up vs. a serious debilitating spine injury or broken collar bone. Priced nicely compared to others of the same caliber, and designed specifically for the A5-S Chest Protector (although is compatible with other chest protectors).


The helmet I personally trust my noggin’ to. Lightweight and comfortable, you can ride with confidence knowing that you’re looking good and protected.

Glamping & Toy Hauler

Renogy Premium Solar Kit

Renogy is kind of the “Subway Sandwhich” of the RV Solar World. Maybe there are superior products out there- but they are quality enough and you can find them everywhere. Nearly complete solar kit- when you need everything to work while dry camping. I will post a full review on everything from the buying process, customer service, instillation and usability in a blog post to come.

Andersen Blocks

When it comes to leveling your camper, trailer, or toy hauler Andersen Blocks are the way to go. We use these every trip as it makes getting set up a breeze when all you want to do is get to what you want to do. (Get 2 sets)

D Ring Shackles

Our toy hauler has recessed floor anchors in the garage to secure bikes in place with. Reluctantly, we’ve learned not to trust them with ratchet straps alone. Don’t make the same mistake we did. These are an inexpensive solution to what could otherwise be an expensive problem.


Large family, small space. Just trust me on this one.

Glotoch Collapsible Colander

Light weight and collapsible, even extends to fit in the sink. You need to add this to your space saving arsenal.

IKEA Carrier Bag

These guys are the real MVP. Seriously. They are extremely rugged and have put up with everything I’ve put them through. Laundry, groceries, everything.


Nitro Circus: The Movie on PrimeVideo

HD. Travis Pastrana and his daredevil crew bring their death-defying stunts to the big screen in search of high-risk extreme sports.

The MX Factory on

MX Factory puts out the ultimate training videos with everything from getting on a dirt bike for the first time, to how to properly case a double. We’ve spent many-a-snowy-days bingeing on this channel.

Blood Line: The Life and Times of Brian Deegan on PrimeVideo

In this adrenaline-soaked documentary, we follow the legendary life and career of motocross superstar, Brian Deegan, one of the most admired action sports athletes in history, as he transitions from an edgy gravity-defying rebel, to becomming a father to the next generation of motosports stars.

Bennett’s War on PrimeVideo

One of the best movies/stories I’ve unexpectedly stumbled upon in recent years: When a young soldier in the Army Motorcycle Unit discovers that his dad may lose the family farm, he pledges to help his family by the only means he knows how: as a motocross racer.

Parts & Accessories

Dirt Bike Tire Changing Spoons

Handy little buggers makes tire changes a breeze on the fly.

Motion Pro Tools

Found at and other trusted retailers. They have a stellar reputation and our experience has backed that up. Among many, we’ve most recently been singing their praises for their fork seal installer tools.


Crank puller, installer, and splitter tools (Tusk brand)

KTM Soft Tie Down Set with Clips

Because scratching your handlebars on anything but the track is unacceptable.

Twenty-five bucks a tire doesn’t seem that much until you go through three in a weekend. By then you realize the value and convenience in changing your own.

Check back as this page is updated frequently.

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