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It Only Lasts a Moment: So Hang On

We introduced our family to dirt bike riding for a new family “thing”. My husband, Sandy, had ridden as an adolescent and can tell you all kinds of wild stories of screaming up the powerlines with friends. Don’t ask to hear about the time his father painstakingly tweezed gravel out of his back. Sore subject.Continue reading “It Only Lasts a Moment: So Hang On”

“But Aren’t Dirt Bikes Dangerous For Kids?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run into well-meaning friends and family, and a conversation like this happens: “How are the kids doing?”“Great- They’re riding Motocross!”“Motorcycles?! But isn’t that dangerous?!” Ha… I mean, yes it can be. Let me explain. Motorcycles and dirt bikes in general are inherently dangerous. There comes with itContinue reading ““But Aren’t Dirt Bikes Dangerous For Kids?””

Coming Soon! Motography

Here at WNC we thought it would be fun to offer a collection of unique family motocross inspired art in both hardcover and ebook. Great for coffee tables in homes, shops, cafes, and libraries. Motography is a conversation starter. Keep an eye out, as it’s coming soon! Here’s a sneak peak: Let us know whatContinue reading “Coming Soon! Motography”

Helmets and Handle Bars

Combined a Perfect Storm Awaits. It’s every moto-mom’s worst nightmare. Race day, things appear to be going well, a little too well. Another family is passing out celebratory Bloody-Mary’s, but our own child-racer still has another heat coming up. “No thanks- I want to keep a clear head in case there are any ambulance calls!”,Continue reading “Helmets and Handle Bars”

Get A Kid Into MX and They’ll Never Have Money For Drugs

Parenting from a slightly different perspective… Let me show you what I mean.​ Christmas morning 2019, the stars had somehow aligned and four really awesome kids had no idea what was coming. While not new, we had somehow come into four bikes. A little tweak here, a little mechanical know-how there and they all ran.Continue reading “Get A Kid Into MX and They’ll Never Have Money For Drugs”

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