The Coolest Cats Around: Real Hero’s Wear Stripes

It’s funny who you come across when you’re doing what you love. That’s how you find your tribe, isn’t it? We all seek to find like-minded people, kindred souls.

One of my favorites of recent has been The Tigers Motorcycle Display Team in Hampshire, UK.

Through the powers of the interwebs, I came across their Instagram. I was initially drawn to them due to the resemblance of one of their girl riders to my own girl rider, Lily. From there it only took a moment to realize they do really radical things.

There’s something about watching kids master mighty endeavors, and this group has been doing that since 1980. Their Instagram proclaims themselves as “A talented team of 5-16-year-old daredevils performing thrilling stunts for charity”. Seriously, what’s better than that?! More than just an awesome concept, once a member the participants appear to be a life-long family: “Once a Tiger, always a Tiger.”

But it gets better. The kids themselves, under the guidance of the board, select which charities The Tigers Motorcycle Display Team’s show and merchandise earnings will be supporting that year. One rule: the charities must benefit children in need. Over the years, they have gifted large sums to crucial causes that assist children’s unique needs such as bereavement, homelessness, autism, and down syndrome. These tough tigers have certainly earned their stripes, and their wings.

You can get your Tiger-fix as they regularly keep their fans updated on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter with awe-inspiring pictures and videos showcasing their serious skills. If you’re fortunate to live nearby, I hear they put on a spectacular show. No joke- I’m talking impressive jumping stunts, fire rings, and graceful formations. And the occasional Tiger costume.

This year has been a rough one for everyone, but the Tigers aren’t the kind of people to slow down for anything- even a global pandemic. In true showmen form, they displayed their tenacious stripes by finding unique solutions to keep raising money for charity. A real “The show must go on!” move and their devoted fans didn’t disappoint. One such event was hosting the “Sleep In”. The idea: to sleep somewhere other than their own beds. “From car boots to vans, floors to sofas and even a cardboard house.”

The idea hit all the necessary points:

  • social distancing
  • ability for all age groups to participate
  • continued support to their charities
  • and a heart-warming boost for their fans

I think we all needed this. I know I did. Check them out, and if you can, consider donating to this season’s selected charities.

2 thoughts on “The Coolest Cats Around: Real Hero’s Wear Stripes

  1. What a cool idea! Tiger motorcycle team… maybe you could start one here stateside?? Creating an awareness of others needs plus dirt biking, what a great combination!


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